About Bellasafaris Limited

As an award-winning tours and travel agency, we don’t just say it; we act it. Our alluring packages come boxed right for the traveler –  for business or pleasure, novice or experienced. We take the full load off your chest and make travelling what it is meant to be – productive and enjoyable.

Travel and Tours Solutions in Kenya

Helping Individuals, Groups, and Organizations to Plan and Travel Better since 2015

In August 2015, the doors of Bella Safaris Limited opened to the public. We started off with car placement solutions, catering to the insurance sector. Three years later, we diversified into travel industry where we have focused on travel insurance, organizing tours, air ticketing, car hires, visa assist services, medical insurance for travel, travel advisory, organizing family holidays, honeymoons, cruise holidays, education holidays, business relocations, family relocations, and much more. Our travel and tours solutions in Kenya define us today.

The Story Behind Bella Safaris

Like many organizations, ours too has a story and with great visioners behind it. Nyutu Njuguna and Bowen Ruth are the brains behind Bella Safaris. The idea was to create employment. Providing a solution to an issue that even the government is struggling to deal with. Njuguna and Bowen had hosted a friend in their home in Nairobi, who was jobless. In an attempt to help them, they considered starting a car hire service. Back then the industry was plagued with many risks, resulting into a modification of their idea – hence the car placement service. In 2015, this idea was fairly new in Kenya, and many insurance companies were open to embracing it. As a first market entrant, we have been proud to pioneer car placement services in Kenya.

Why Go with Bella Safaris?

As a customer-focused brand, we run on the wheels of novel leadership and enviable collaborations. With our customers, we like to get into their shoes and think like them, hence our pocket-friendly packages and partnerships with financial institutions to help. Apart from offering up to date info on when and where to travel for maximum results, we also offer extra niceties like champagnes in the room. Thanks to our collaborators!

Demystifying the Tours and Travel Hassles

Often, we hear the agony that individuals and organizations go through when they have to prepare for a trip. It is safe to assume that this is not uncommon even for yourself. We agree that travelling can be hectic and to say the least annoying when it comes to getting it right. Think with me here. If you are new to a destination, you obviously are unsure where to start and who to trust. Assuming you are not new to it, perhaps then there is no much time for you to plan out the nitty gritties that may likely throw you off when a painstaking headache checks in.

So the travel package solutions we unveil, come as a grand gift to those who cherish to travel, but also those who travel because they have to. Let’s unbox!