How To Pay For your Holiday!!!

ways to pay for your holiday

Our flexible options will make booking your getaway an absolute breeze.

Want to grab that great deal on your dream holiday without having to wait until payday? Or just want a bit more flexibility when planning your next break? We’ve introduced some easy payment options to help you out.

Whether you’re interested in pay monthly holidays, securing your deal with just a low deposit upfront, or splitting the cost with friends – our flexible options will make booking your getaway an absolute breeze. 

Check out the benefits of our different holiday finance options below.

Travel Now, Pay Later - Aspira

How to book with Aspira

Once you pay the minimum 20% deposit, you can go for your trip and later make payments in flexible 6 monthly instalments on the Aspira App.

The Aspira app enjoys a 4.0-star rating on Google Play Store and it’s super easy to use. It enables you to:

  • Apply:Submit your travel deal financing application for free and get instant feedback
  • Calculate:Estimate your monthly repayment based on the price of the travel package and preferred repayment period
  • Manage:See how much you owe and when its due
  • Pay:Make repayments directly within the app

Trip Now, Pay Later – How To Book

If a strict budget always comes in the way of your wanderlust, consider following the steps underlined below to travel to your next destination.

  • Step 1:Download the Aspira app on Google Play Store and register to check the loan limit you qualify for
  • Step 2:Email Bella Safaris on or call 0719888008 for holiday packages
  • Step 3:Find a package within your credit limit, then head over to the Aspira App
  • Step 4:Apply for credit and pay a minimum 20% deposit
  • Step 5:Pay the balance in 6 monthly instalments

Fine Print

  • For your application to qualify, you must submit either two of these documents: current payslip, 3 months bank statement or 3 months Mpesa statement.
  • You must also submit your ID/Passport/Alien card.
  • Monthly interest rate of 6% or 5% will apply on the instalments you pay for 3 or 6 months respectively depending on the loan cycle you choose
  • Minimum deposit will not be required for the second and subsequent loans
  • 20% minimum depositmust be paid before the trip

Would you like to try out Trip Now, Pay Later?