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Sustainable or responsible eco-tourism involves travel to natural or indigenous areas in a way that improves the welfare of local people, minimizes negative environmental impacts, and helps conserve fragile cultures and habitats long term. Sustainable, responsible tourism provides for once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that support local communities in a way that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. Conscientious travelers can feel good knowing they are giving back to the community, nature, and themselves all by having the most amazing, adventure vacation experience ever.


Whether you label it a trip, a tour, an adventure, an experience, an escape, or anything a vacation can be, it goes best with the word “dream” in front of it; and if you also dream a better world, Bella Safaris can help you realize that part of your life’s journey. Our friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, responsible guides can lead you down the paths of pristine green forests, majestic snow-capped mountains, still waters, and rivers rushing through vibrant valleys – not only for the sake of your soul and psyche but also for the well-being of the planet and the people native to this unique natural world of Africa. Does your dream include being awed by the natural wonders of Mother Nature as well as by the ingenuity and creativity of the ancient indigenous people who revered Her? Would you like to look back on this stage of your journey through life knowing that – while you saw fascinating ruins and cultures of the past – you did not trample the present, perhaps even brightened the future for a place and its people? How good would it feel if the memory of your dream trip included improving the livelihood of others, protecting the rainforest, and preserving local culture? Bella Safaris focus is on your spirit savoring the travel experience of your body and mind. We want your journey to both thrill and inspire- something accomplished as much by the captivating native people you will meet and whose culture you will experience as by the astonishing sights you will see. Bella Safaris belief is that travel on a smaller, simpler scale makes for grander, more magical moments and memories. Beauty is by definition unspoiled; the peace, serenity and majesty of natural landscapes best enjoyed far from the maddening crowd; and amazing culture and tradition best appreciated through hands-on participation.


Sustainable travel is where the tour operators, accommodations, and transportation providers are socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally responsible. Sustainable development implies “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” A critical mass of new-age adventures want eco-friendly services and companies they can feel good about. Organizations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization and The International Ecotourism Society acknowledge that “sustainable tourism has a tremendous opportunity to improve the livelihood of emerging market populations. Tourism is a crucial contributor to these countries’ income (up to 70% for the world’s poorest countries) and is included in the Poverty Reduction Strategies of more than 80% of low-income countries.” Sustainable tourism can have many positive impacts: Social: Preservation of traditional customs, artisanal techniques, and festivals that might otherwise erode. Perpetuation of cultural identity, fostering of civic pride in the local population, and valuation of their local culture. Interchanges between local hosts and visiting guests promotes a better cultural understanding and can also help raise global awareness of issues such as human rights abuses and poverty. Economic: Tourism creates direct and indirect jobs, thus improving the livelihood of the local people. Tourism generates monies for governmental bodies to develop infrastructure. Environmental: Nature and ecotourism can help promote awareness and desire for conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rain forests, animal preserves, and marine parks. By creating alternative sources of employment, tourism can reduce problems such as over-fishing/over-farming, deforestation, and mining in developing nations. At Bella Safaris, we believe that sustainable, responsible travel has the power to protect nature, benefit local communities, and preserve cultural heritage – the guiding principles of our social enterprise. It’s our commitment to these principles that drives our vision to be sustainability leaders